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Another year has gone by and, like the rest of us, Severus is a year older now.

It always astounds me how different peoples' visions of Snape can be, but all of us fans probably agree on one point: Severus Snape is awesome. Also, I'm not in the mood for gloom and doom right now. So, in honour of his 54th birthday, I present a collection of some the most awesome Snapes I found over the last year. Here you'll see Snape being cool, handsome, sexy, impressive, doing something interesting, all of the above, or simply being his cranky, cantankerous self. That's how we love him, after all :).
Many of these are quite far removed from canon, but then, canon has happened a long time ago :D, and Severus has a far better life now in fanon (mostly, at least ;)) than he ever had in the bad old canon days.

It's a bit late, but it's not quite midnight yet, so -
Happy Birthday, Severus, and a happy Snape's Day to everyone else!

Please note: Severus Snape by MsJasmineSnape

Snape's birthday wish: Snape's birthday wish - ls by liquidscissors

:thumb100282697: Farewell S.S. by Allantiee Love Potion by Allantiee Severus Snape, with Love by Alzirr Lumos by Artema Prince by Assassinsan

Mature Content

When the devil drives by camillo1978
Snape no. 45634 by CanonFodder :thumb26648522: Portrait of Severus Snape by deej240z s_snape by dvervzimu Severus Snape by ebe-kastein The battle of hogwarts + snape by ekr1703 Young Snape rough sketch by erebus-odora Always... by euclidstriangle Reading Snape by Flibertyjibbeth Severus snape by helga-medwed KIRIBAN at the heart of it all by irisclaymore Sexy Snape by Isora10 Severus Snape 7th year for RosaZaira by JosieCarioca HP : Severus Snape by KarlaFrazetty Severus and the car by kissyushka SPOILER HP7 by LordMishkin Snape dueling by lucife56 Listen to the night by Lucius007 Portrait of the Potions Master by Luthie13 The Winter without you by Maydian Snape as Payne by Mrs-Severus-Snape Contest 09 Snape's Patronus by Nephtis Severus Snape by ninjakitsune Severus by Ognivik :thumb332428969:

Mature Content

Grey Nightshirt, My Ass by protowilson
Snape spends his summer collecting ingredients. by RosaZaira Young Severus in the Snow by Sayurisye ChinkInTheArmor by Sempraseverus SittingForSempra III by Sempraseverus sHADOWdRAKE by Sempraseverus Young Severus Snape by ChristyTortland The Last Eater of Death by ShatteredSwords early morning stroll by Hidden-Treasury 0037 by solitarium Nimoy as Snape by tafafa Severus by Tatarnikova Severus by TheDandyDragon Sev's Child by tripperfunster severus snape turn by woshibbdou the price of freedom by ymymy

WIP: The Snake by acatnamedeaster Severus Snape by Aenor-Linus Snape 4 by Anarda2 Butterfly by AnnStrud Severus Snape: Corvus by AquiliaSevera :thumb201947915: Severus' Mornings by Asarea :thumb103984637: Mark of Cain by Cluegirl storage room by coraxlovegothica Severus Snape: the prince by DameDesReves Animagus by dickgloucester Done Snape Doll 2 by e-c-h

Mature Content

Naked Snape by Expell-HUN
Severus by fanlay Tortured by Fereshteh Snape. by ruebella-b Alternate1 by HapticMimesis Severus Snape - portrait 2 by Glissar A purr for Snape by HappilyDeluded889 The hot wet bat by Hellanim The Half-Blood Prince by hever Snape doing potions by Hillary-CW Dungeonmaster by Howlingmojo Sammi's Severus Snape by IalwaystrustedSSnape I Will See You After Class by ianmsquee Legilimens by ildi The Potions Master by inkvine Potions Master by Ithelda Severus Snape by Jiyouh Snow Moon by joeyv7 letter by katigerclaw Severus Snape - fin badge art by Kieshar Crush on Severus Snape by kleinmeli Severus Snape by KMCgeijyutsuka :thumb376705330: Severus Snape by Lovelyinblack Impressing Snape by LunaDarkness Severus S. by LyapaChu Potions Master bookmark - watercolors by MoonyDreamer Snape lovers' dream by Morwenlight Sir Severus by Natalliel :thumb382993789: The Greasy Git of the Dungeons by NuclearKitty Snape: Jugendstil by Pojypojy :thumb192079092: Romantic Snape by pythiadelphi Severus Snape by RaShelli Head of House by rawenna Out of Bed, Potter? by renaissancegirl14 Severus Snape by MarionPoinsot34 do it severus style by Sanzo-Sinclaire Whats underneath by SeverusPet Raven by somachiou sk005 by suhona ::HARRY POTTER:: Severus by Beresclet Drawings by Umino-aka-Morskaya Dark Lord the summon by user--9984 The Half-Blood Prince by vervex Snape sketch by Vikrapuff Ready for the duel by vimessy Snape in green by vimessy Good morning Severus by vincha WIPS by Vizen :thumb194542577: :thumb193831138: The piano 2 by xXShadowPeopleXx Alone by YvonneVetjens Snape by ZarKir

If you want to see moar Snape, here are my older features:

Snape's birthday 2013:…
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A Tribute to Russian Snape Artists:…

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